February 27, 2018

DOUBLE DECKER LIVE Bellinzona Piazza Blues Festival 2005 Sonny Rhodes Tom Principato

Last two of the set I got !
Bellinzona Piazza Blues  Festival   2005

 Sonny Rhodes

101 Tryin' To Get You Off My Mind.mp3
Mother In Law Blues.mp3
103 Unknown.mp3
104 I Don't Want No Woman.mp3
Three O' Clock Blues.mp3
106 Down Home Blues.mp3
107 Put The Shoe On The Other Foot.mp3
Think (aka In Case We Both were Wrong).mp3
109 Blues Is My Religion.mp3
River's Invitation.mp3
202 Since I Met You Baby.mp3
Talk To Me Baby.mp3
204 Standing On Shaky Ground.mp3

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Tom Principato

01 Crazy Mixed Up World.mp3
02 Unknown.mp3
03 Standing At The Crossroads again.mp3
04 Unknown.mp3
05 Til' I Get What I Came Here For.mp3
06 Baptised In Muddy Water.mp3
07 Unknown.mp3
08 Flip, Flop & Fly.mp3
09 Sweet Little Woman.mp3
10 Blues Tango.mp3
11 If Love Is Blind.mp3
12 Congo Square.mp3


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Albert said...

For Sonny Rhodes :
Track 102 : Mother In Law Blues
Track 105 : Three O' Clock Blues
Track 108 : Think (aka In Case We Both were Wrong)
Track 201 : River's Invitation
Track 203 : Talk To Me Baby

Thanks for the post, maybe someone kwows the title of Track 103 ?

muddyw123 said...

Tx for sharing!

Rippin Frog said...

Albert awesome !
thnks for your input !

Steve626 said...

Rippin' Frog:

Live Sonny Rhodes is always appreciated. Thanks a lot for the post.