January 14, 2018

Taj Mahal LIVE At The Fillmore East 1971-05-23

Taj Mahal

LIVE At The Fillmore East 
This amazing stereo recording,
 taken from the soundboard master reel,
 showcases Taj Mahal in all his early 70's 
crossover blues glory


CD 1
1. Unknown Acoustic Blues #
2. Goin' Fishin
3. Tom & Sally Drake
4. Good Morning Miss Brown
5. Ain't Gwine to Whistle DixieAnymo'
6. Going Up To The Country, Paint My Mailbox Blue
7. Sweet Mama Janisse
8. You're Gonna Need Somebody On Your Bond

CD 2
1. Stealin'
2. John, Ain't It Hard
3. She Caught the Katy (And Left me a Mule to Ride)
4. Diving Duck Blues
5. You Ain't No Street Walker Mama, Honey But I Do Love The Way You Strut Your Stuff 




Pepper said...

Can't wait to hear this one. Taj is very talented and vastly underappreciated. Thanks.

muddyw123 said...

Wow. New concert to me. TX!

Anonymous said...

whaou !!!
the concert is just perfect , the sound is amazing !!!
Thanks a lot
Jean Luc from France
( Taj Mahal plays accoustic first , then the full band arrives ....with the tubas !!! the band is just top )

Tim Jensen said...

Thanks! Looks like a great show.