December 30, 2017

Rippin Frog TOP 10 Records of 2017

Rippin Frog  


Well another year ! 
So many  bands old N new!
Hundreds of new albums... 
 So little time!

Here we go 
with my top 10
Best of 2017!
10-  Blues Ghetto – Down In The Ghetto  2017  Italy
09- Sweet Bourbon - Night Turned Into Day  NL
08- Awek   Long Distance    France
07- Jason Buie   Driftin Heart  Canada
06-The Cash Box Kings   Royal Mint   
05- Casey Hensley - Live (Feat. Laura Chavez)
04- Delta Moon   Cabbagetown
03-  Mr. Sipp - Knock A Hole In It 
02- Ghalia & Mamas Boys - Let The Demons Out
01-SaRon Creenshaw   Drivin 

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Anonymous said...

excellent choice , I'm discovering saron crenshaw , top artist !
by the way , thanks for your wonderfull work from France

muddyw123 said...

Nice list and a well deserved no.1

Rippin Frog said...

glad you folks like my list!
by the way if you havent already I did post a Saron bootleg in June !