December 8, 2017

Eddie Taylor jr & Lurie Bell LIVE Chicago blues festival Paris Meridien December 27/2007

 Eddie Taylor Jr & Lurie Bell

Chicago blues festival 
Paris Meridien 
 December 27/2007
Their daddies gave them the blues!
Sons of the great Eddie Taylor and Carey Bell here !

Eddie Taylor jr guit, voc
Lurrie Bell guit, voc
Tail Dragger voc
Martin Lang harp
Russel Jackson bass, voc
Willie Hayes drums

01 Have mercy
02 You don't love me
03 Worried about my baby
04 Everyday i have the blues
05 Soul brother
06 Big town playboy
07 My woman is gone ?
08 unknown
09 unknown
10  Stop Lying
11 I need you so bad
12 Sweet little angel 
13 Everything's gonna be allright ?
14 I'm ready
15 Just a little bit
16 Christmas blues ?
17 Wild about you baby
18 Gone away baby ?
19 Bad boy
20 Help me baby ?
21 Green onions
22 Lurie Bell intro (end of radio broadcast) 




muddyw123 said...

What a great show! Thank you.

Albert said...

If someone knows the real title of track 1 Have Mercy...Many thanks...