October 9, 2017

VJ pack: Jackson Browne

Another VJ double pack, this time with Jackson Browne.
Double thanks to Vinegar Joe for sending the files :)

First a concert recorded at the Arena Theatre in Berlin, Germany on April, 15, 2009.
It was part of the "Time the Conqueror" Europe tour.

Part 1
Part 2

The second show is more recent, exactly from July 7, 2015 when Browne played at the Madgarden Festival in Madrid, Spain.

Part 1
Part 2


Anonymous said...

Thanks for all, but could it be, that the first two links for the 1st show, are the same, than the two links for the 2nd show? Because there is no difference between the files of the part Ones and the both of the Part twos. Can you please check and fix and repost it? Thanks a lot for your hard work with the boots for us!

AtticRock said...

You are right of course, I'm sorry for the inconvenience.
They should be fine now.