September 26, 2017

Rod Stewart with Jeff Beck - No Ready Made Guys (1984)

A recording from Rod Stewart's 1983 Camouflage tour, exactly its third show, performed at the Tacoma Dome, Tacoma with the presence of Jeff Back on six tracks.
This is probably not the entire concert and is sourced from an unofficial release called No Ready Made Guys .

Sound Quality: 9+

Source: Soundboard

Track List:
the stripper - intro
Sweet Little Rock and Roller
You Wear It Well
Hot Legs
Tonight's The Night
You're In My Heart
She Won't Dance With Me
All Right Now
Young Turks

Infatuation *
People Get Ready *
Rock My Plimsoul *
I Ain't Superstitious *
The Pump - instrumental *
Bad For You *
Gasoline Alley
Maggie May

* with Jeff Beck

FLAC pt1
FLAC pt2

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Lone Wolf said...

Thanks! Getting tired of the same old same old and this is something I wouldn't have thought to check out unless you had shared it.