August 10, 2017

Frank Zappa - Chalk Pie (1981)

The excellence of Frank Zappa with magnificent sound recorded at various venues on the 1981 tour (except for 3 tracks from Fall 1980) with some studio overdubs added at Zappa’s home recording studio.
To my information tracks from this that appear on official albums have extensive overdubs and different mixes.
This version was made by JWB, a Zappateers contributor on September 2011 and is an upgrade to previously circulating ones.

Sound Quality: 9.5

Source: Soundboard

Track List:
01 Drowning Witch
02 Envelopes
03 Teenage Prostitute
04 The Dangerous Kitchen
05 Chalk Pie
06 We're Turning Again
07 Alien Orifice
08 The Jazz Discharge Party Hats
09 Toronto
10 What's New In Baltimore
11 Moggio
12 Takes 1 To Know 1
13 Clownz On Velvet
14 Frogs With Dirty Little Lips


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Sir Billy Himalaya said...

Thanks a lot. This souds top otch.