February 14, 2017

Midnight Oil - Adelaide 1982

Midnight Oil, an Australian band quite intense live and generally with a political/social message in their song's words.
This show, early on their career was captured from the soundboard and recorded at the Shandon Hotel, Adelaide, 26th March 1982.

Sound Quality: 9+

Source: Soundboard

Track List:
01 - No Reaction
02 - Brave Faces
03 - Is It Now?
04 - Armistice Day
05 - No Time For Games
06 - Written In The Heart
07 - Surfing With A Spoon
08 - Burnie
09 - Knife's Edge
10 - Loves On Sale
11 - Back On The Borderline
12 - Wedding Cake Island
13 - Stand In Line
14 - We Gotta Get Out Of This Place



Maple Blues said...

thnks ! wouldnt want to run out of this oil! LOl

La Piazza Gancio said...

Never seen an Oils show of this vintage! Thank you!!!

Anonymous said...


Thanks a lot!!



howlingwilf said...

I would love to have this, but i have download time of over 2 hours. Why oh why must it be Uploaded? Bonnie Raitt was on zippy, why not this? This is such a good site, great posts, I'm sorry about complaining, but I don't get it.

Anonymous said...

I echo this sentiment- Uploaded is a horrible site- No matter the time of day or night I go to it, it tells me to try later, it's busy, but premium users (and I get a pop-up to sign up for their premium services). Am I supposed to believe it's really busy, or... do they want to sell me...) I have seen many great recordings scroll down the Soundaboard page into oblivion, my hoping that they may one day reappear on a "re-up" collection page, and at that, on some other host site. Zippy is so much better.

AtticRock said...

For your information Uploaded is one of the few sites where files last longer, this is important since we are dealing with hundreds of files...
It's true that it has became a little unfriendly but you can bypass it by using a download manager as FreeRapid Downloader (http://wordrider.net/freerapid/).

Bate-Boca & Musical : Renê said...
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Bate-Boca & Musical : Renê said...
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AtticRock said...

Not interested, thanks.

Anonymous said...

Just came across the Soundaboard website.
I was at the Shandon Hotel's dope-filled room that hot night in 1982.
Great show.
Going to see the Oils tonight at Adelaide Oval.
Can't wait.