November 6, 2016

Sugar Ray Norcia & The Duke Robillard Band Live - Paris, 2009

Sugar Ray Norcia 
& The Duke Robillard Band  

 Live - Paris, 2009

Real Goodie here  sound is  great too ! 
The Duke is as always  one of the good ones on guitar!




marco said...

hi link doesn't work can you reupload it please? Thank you very much!

Rippin Frog' stuff said...

i did test it b4 i posted it and just dwl the link here... AGAIN !
so im not sure why you cant!

Anonymous said...

Hi, The link doesn't work for me either. I get a notice that says
"there is no application set to open the document."

Rippin Frog said...

just dwl 3 different ways again here and all is fine... so its at your end