May 22, 2016

John Primer & Little Boogie Boy Bluesband Live at the Zoetermeer Bluesfestival 2008

John Primer     
& Little Boogie Boy Bluesband 
Live at the Zoetermeer Bluesfestival 08

ex member of  The Teardrops Magic Slim back up band !



Albert! said...

Hope to see more John Primer!!!

Rippin Frog said...

might have another one in the pile somewhere..
John Primer Live at Callahan's Feb 13, 2011

ripped from a very good dvd (bootleg) of that show...

Rocdoc said...

living in chicago, i see john primer playing with almost everyone at one time or another. wonderful player and a great guy - first saw him w jimmy johnson - last saw him playing with a claudette miller show (at b.l.u.e.s.) which the late great big time sara simply took over doing a 20-30 minute 'ain't no sunshine' where she had a tourist from texas stripped down to his underwear, 'worshipping' her.

sometime that night john primer had some girl put pink panties on top of his hat while he wasn't looking and nobody told him for about 30 minutes - thank god he just laughed it off because it went on uncomfortably long - like i said, a truly nice guy.

thanks for this show.

Albert said...

Hi Rippin Frog, hope you add Live at Callahan 2011 one of these days
Many Thanks