March 21, 2016

Marillion - Chippenham, England (1984)

Marillion recorded on March 12, 1984 on the Fugazi Tour at the Goldiggers Club, Chippenham, England.
There is a pro-shot video of this excellent show in circulation, taken from the TV transmission I believe, and not hard to find in cyberspace.

Sound Quality: 9.5

Source: PreFM Vinyl

Track List:
01 - Assassing
02 - Script For a Jester's Tear
03 - Incubus
04 - He Knows You Know
05 - Fugazi
06 - Garden Party
07 - Market Square Heroes

Listen some tracks on the Jukebox



Anonymous said...

MARILLION - always a cracker! More to come ????????

Anonymous said...

don't work at all without premium!

Slow Speed Download : click : nothing ....

firefox or ie10

works in Cr

Anonymous said...

Trying to download now, Marillion with 9.5 sound quality is always a must. Download seems working for me, 3 minutes to wait for,

Thanks for sharing,

Derek from Paris,

AtticRock said...

Yeah, this one is a keeper!

Anonymous said...

Quality wise, definitely equal to official releases. Indeed this is marvelous, burnt to CDR, artwork printed and here we go, right into the collection. But first, at full volume, through the HIFI speakers

Thanks again,