February 1, 2016

The Angels - Melbourne, Australia 1980

Pure Rock'n'Roll in the best Australian style with The Angels, a band with a career that spans over four decades.
This gig was played on a TV music show called Nightmoves on Melbourne, August 2nd 1980.

Sound Quality: 9

Source: FM Broadcast ?

Track List:
01 I Ain't The One
02 I'm Scared
03 Face The Day
04 Wasted Sleepless Nights
05 No Secrets
06 Shadow Boxer
07 Devil's Gate
08 Poor Baby
09 Comin' Down

Pre listen here: Soundaboard Jukebox 



Anonymous said...

so rare to get the angels, thanks a lot

Anonymous said...

merci for this rare show from this fantastic group

Peter said...

"Night Moves" was a weekly music program produced by Channel 7, in Melbourne, but was shown nationally, not just in Victoria. It was hosted by Lee Simon, and it was the first non Top 40 music TV program. Unlike "Countdown" on the ABC and "Sounds", also on Channel 7, this show just concertrated on new music by non established artists. I first heard, and saw both Benny Mardones and Garland Jeffreys here. They also used to hold a concert every year of local acts, many of whom were broken by the show. For example, The Sports. Sadly the frontman "Doc" Neeson, died two years ago, and we lost one of the most enigmatic performers this country has produced. I was lucky enough to see them twice, firstly supporting Chuck Berry in 1975, as The Keystone Angels, and then as the lead act at a free (yes, free) Double Jay (2JJ) concert at North Sydney with MIdnight Oil opening and Cold Chisel the second act. It was quite a day. Peter (Sydney)