February 5, 2016

Rose Tattoo - Paradiso, Amsterdam 1981

Another Australian rock force of nature is of course Rose Tattoo.
This is a small six track recording from 26 April at the Paradiso Club during their 1981 European Tour.

Sound Quality: 9

Source: FM Broadcast

Track List:
1 Manzil Madness
2 The Butcher And Fast Eddy
3 Assault And Battery
4 Remedy
5 Astra Wally
6 Nice Boys

Pre listen here: Soundaboard Jukebox



AussieRock said...

Thanks for the share AtticRock - just love the Tatts mate !

Cheers from DownUnder

Anonymous said...

please re upload in flac thanks

AtticRock said...

It's fine now!

Anonymous said...

Hello AtticRock thank you very much for the new filefactory link and responding to my comment - cheers from australia