February 26, 2016

Dick Dale - Santa Monica California 1996

This one is particularly dedicated to guitar fans, a show with rock legend Dick Dale, considered a precursor of the so called surf music has been an influence to generations of guitarists, from Jimi Hendrix to Eddie Van Halen.
Dick Dale was born on 1937, his first album, Surfers' Choice was released on 1962 and is still playing, with some dates already booked for this year as you can see on the official site.

Sound Quality: 9+

Source: FM Broadcast

Track List:
01 - Intro
02 - Shredded Heat > Nitrus
03 - Trail of Tears
04 - Taco Wagon > Take It or Leave It
05 - Ghost Riders in the Sky >Caterpillar Crawl > Rumble
06 - Misrilou
07 - Calling Up Spirits
08 - Window
09 - The Wedge Paradiso
10 - talk
11 - Let's Go Trippin'
12 - Fever
13 - talk
14 - Third Stone From the Sun

Pre listen here: Soundaboard Jukebox

MP3 - mirror
FLAC - mirror


Anonymous said...

Every time I go to Uploaded, I get to http://uploaded.net/register, and can never, *ever* get to the music. I *really* wish Soundaboard never used that site. DepositFiles, FileFactory, Rapidgator, anything, would be better.

AtticRock said...

Ok, it's on FileFactory too now.

Tinman said...

I'm downloading this right now. I'm surprised he got away without playing "Miserlou," his greatest hit, IMHO! I saw him play at the Country Club in Reseda, CA about the same time, I think. The man puts on a great show.

Ace Bootlegs said...

Track 6 is mislabelled :
not "Walk don't run" but "Misrilou"

Thank you for the upload

AtticRock said...

Thanks Ace!