November 2, 2015

Christine McVie - Country Club, Reseda 1983

Christine McVie, one of Fleetwood Mac's lead vocalists, on a show taped for a Westwood One In Concert Broadcast held at the Country Club in Reseda, California on December 1983.
This performance has eight tracks that were included in Christine's second solo album released on January 1984.

Sound Quality: 9.5-

Source: FM Broadcast

Track List:
01 - DJ Intro
02 - Love Will Show Us How
03 - Keeping Secrets
04 - The Challenge
05 - Who's Dreaming This Dream
06 - I'm The One
07 - So Excited
08 - Don't Stop
09 - Got A Hold On Me
10 - One In A Million
11 - You Make Lovin Fun
12 - World Turning
13 - Songbird
14 - Say You Love Me
15 - Over My Head

Pre listen here: Soundaboard Jukebox

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for this interesting post with 9.5 quality. Could you please mirror it as my firewall is quite reluctant to download it through "ul to". :)

Derek from Paris,

AtticRock said...

No problem Derek, I hope your firewall is less emotional dealing with Filefactory.

Anonymous said...

Thanks a ton ! Indeed my firewall is in love with Filefactory.

Derek from Paris under terrorist shock today. I was at the Bataclan 6 days ago for a Nina Hagen concert singing about Peace in the World...

AtticRock said...

I was at a cafe waiting for a Black Star Riders show when the TV started to report some explosions in Paris...
During their set the vocalist mentioned a Eagles of Black Metal concert and dedicated a song to the victims in there but I had no idea of all the terror associated with it.
Stay strong and keep on Rocking!

Anonymous said...

Some German philosopher wrote more than a hundred years ago, that without Music, Life would be a mistake. It seems that some do think it's exactly the contrary and want to ban music from this world.

Thanks for sharing the music,
We will stand proud.

Derek from Paris