October 9, 2015

DOUBLE DECKER: Stevie Ray Vaughan Austin City Limits, Austin, TX 1983-12-13 1983-10-20 - Ripley's Music Hall, Philadelphia, PA

Austin City Limits, Austin, TX   1983-12-13 

 Stevie and Double Trouble
 tore it up on this session of Austin City.
This is the complete show with all 12 tracks.  

   1. Testify
   2. So Excited (w/False Start)
   3. Instrumental
   4. Voodoo Chile
   5. Pride and Joy
   6. Texas Flood
   7. Love Struck Baby
   8. Mary Had A Little Lamb
   9. Tin Pan Alley
  10. Rude Mood
  11. Lenny (w/False Start)
  12. Lenny


ZIPPY      PART 1      Part 2
Solidfile   PART1      Part 2

1983-10-20 - Ripley's Music Hall, Philadelphia, PA

Recorded Live From Ripley's Music Hall
AKA:  Texas Skies Philadelphia PA. 10-20-83
Sound Quality is Perfect

2.So Excited
3.Voodo Chile
4.Pride & Joy
5.Texas Flood
6.Love Struck Baby
7.Mary Had A Little Lamb
8.Tin Pan Ally
9.Little Wing
11.Rude Mood
12.Tell Me


ZIPPY   1     2     3
Solidfile    1    2     3


Anonymous said...

MP3 ??????

Brian C. King said...

Thanks for all the music you share!! Greatly appreciated!

Is it possible to get these in lossless instead of MP3?

rippin frog said...

Ill look around I font ha ve thr flac

Rippin Frog said...

I added flac links for SRV double decker post
almost done !

Brian C. King said...

Thank you, very much...lossless versions are greatly appreciated!!!

Anonymous said...

I got 2 of the 3 and im going 4 the 3rd also the solid file links are not well
but the zippy is great

Anonymous said...

Using Zippy, only got tracks 1-8.

Rippin Frog said...

sorry but dont have the flac anymore