August 5, 2015

Electric Flag & Erma Franklin - Bootleg Carousel Ballroom SF (1968)

Playing the Carousel
April 21, 1968; Carousel Ballroom, San Francisco, CA
Soundboard recording

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The Electric Flag on Disc
A Review of Studio and Bootleg Recordings
 By David Dann
full review in attached notepad

This performance likely comes from a casual Sunday afternoon show at the Carousel Ballroom. The Electric Flag shared the stage with Erma Franklin, Aretha’s sister, and – with the exception of Michael Bloomfield – provided backup for her during her set.

The Carousel appearance captures the Flag at a moment when the band was beginning to come apart from the pressures of commercial expectations, personality conflicts and drugs. Despite its uneven performance, however, the group displays its exceptional drive and musicianship – and its penchant for experimentation.


1-Uptight Outa Sight >
2-Day Tripper >
3-Drivin' Wheel ( Originally Tracked As 2 Songs,Merged With Cool Edit )
4-The Theme
5-Going Down Slow ( Cuts )
6-Instrumental ( Cuts In )( Trks.6,7 Originally Tracked As 1 Song,Split With Cd Wave Editor )
7-Big Boss Man

1-Dr. Feelgood
2-I Heard It Through The Grapevine > Mercy > Tell Mama > Chain Of Fools
3-Piece Of My Heart
4-Hold On I'm Coming
5-Everyday I Have The Blues >
6-Killing Floor ( Cuts )

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