July 14, 2015

Rival Sons - Main Square Festival, Arras, France 2015

The Rival Sons are certainly one of best 'new' groups around. Originating from Long Beach, California they play a bluesy Hard Rock that, although inspired on the top classic Rock acts, has a freshness and energy that only a modern band can present.
This sound (lossy) was extracted from a video of their gig at the Main Square Festival in France. It took place ten days ago, on the course of the current European tour.
"The future of rock n' roll belongs to them." (Classic Rock Magazine, September 2014)

Sound Quality: 9.5

Source: Youtube HD Video

Track List:
01 Electric Man
02 Secret
03 Pressure and Time
04 Face of Light
05 Torture
06 Tell Me Something
07 Where I’ve Been
08 Rich and the Poor
09 Open My Eyes
10 Keep On Swinging

MP3 - mirror


Argentinian Rocker said...

Thank You, Amigo!!!!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful Post, wonderful Blog. Unfortunately the download ist interupted, tried it several times. May I ask You to fix the Link? Best regards and many thanks for Your great work. Greetings from Germany !

AtticRock said...

The link is still working but I made a mirror anyway.

Anonymous said...

That´s very gentle, thank You so very much - mirror works. The recording is just a pure blast! Great performance which this reminds me of Led Zeppelins 70ies livepower - not to be missed to anyone who likes powerful Rockmusic! Thanks again for Your Post and Your kind help. Keep on doing the good work !!! Greetings again from Germany, Eric

AtticRock said...

They make great records and their live performance is also very good, I saw them once and was delighted.