July 10, 2015

Eddie Turner - Live At The New Orleans Rhede Germany November 2007

Eddie "Devil Boy" Turner 
  is a blues guitarist born in Cuba and raised in Chicago. A former member of the Otis Taylor band, he is currently signed to Toronto's Northern Blues Music.
Turner began to play the guitar when he was twelve. He attended the University of Colorado in the early 70's, and while there played in the region's first punk/R&B band The Immortal Nightflames, which included Grammy Award nominee Tracy Nelson from Mother Earth. Subsequently, Turner joined the group Zephyr as a guitarist  but after the death of the singer Candy Givens  he abandoned music to work in real-estate in Denver.
10 years later, Turner agreed to join the Ron Miles electric band. In 1995, he joined Otis Taylor, and recording 5 albums.
In 2006 he was listed among the 'Best New Artist Debut' by the Blues Foundation.

Premium Soundboard recording!

(01) [Eddie Turner] Rock Me Baby
 (02) [Eddie Turner] Ask Myself Why
(03) [Eddie Turner] Help The Poor
(04) [Eddie Turner] I Smell Smoke
(05) [Eddie Turner] Wind Cries Mary-Dangerous
(06) [Eddie Turner] Talk To Your Daughter
(07) [Eddie Turner] Secret


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