June 28, 2015

Canned Heat Lost Live Club Show 1967

Enjoy this incredible rare piece of
 Canned Heat History!!

Hey Friends, here's again some very rare stuff from
the Canned Heat.
From the attached text file:
This earliest Canned Heat live tape I found yet, was
recorded in an unknown club and feature the original
Canned Heat w/Frank Cook on Drums! Again the song-
list here include some tracks not available from any
other known Canned Heat recording! Those of you who
downloaded in June my Canned Heat compilation
"Tracks" already have nearly half of the tracks here,
but these tracks were remastered in a different way
from my own tape & here's the complete performance,
from a different source!

CANNED HEAT's Club performance here is kind of rough
and unpolished, but full of "Heat" and some tracks
here are standing clearly in the tradition of the
great "Blues Shouters" as Howlin Wolf or Big Joe
Turner! The general quality is great, but on some
tracks the Bear's vocals are quite oversaturated!
I did my best to polish this & also used the better
channel (with less dropouts) of this mono sbd
recording! MP3 sample below!

13 tracks = 60:45 minutes

1st Set
1  I went to Church this morning(?) (Talking Blues)
2  Big Road Blues
3  There's something on your Mind(?) (Talking Blues)
4  Dust my Broom
4  This is Hit
5  She's 19 Years old
6  Bullfrogg Blues
7  Blues Shuffle feat. Henry
8  Instr. Outro

2nd Set
9  Madman Blues
10 Terraplane Blues
11 Rollin' & Tumblin'
12 Catfish Blues

Tracks 1-2, 7-11:
Bob "The Bear" Hite: voc, harp
Alan Wilson: g, voc, harp
Henry Vestine: g,
Frank Cook: drums
Larry Taylor: bass



Jonathan F. King said...

This is the version of the band that I knew back in the day. They played frequently at the old Ash Grove in L.A., a folk-blues club that was close enough to my house that I could go to shows on foot (I was 16 and 17 in those days, and had no car.) It's the same lineup that opened the Saturday show at the Monterey Pop Festival, but changed shortly thereafter when Frank Cook left. So glad to find this!

Anonymous said...

Thanks! Gotta be one of the earliest show around.

@Rippin Frog said...

:) yeah I thought this was a great find and sound is quite good considering its from the 60ies!

NeutronBomb said...

Oh man, this is good. Raw, psychedelic blues. So gad to have found this, thanks!