April 16, 2015

Sugar Blue - Chicago Blues Festival 1996

If you don't know Sugar Blue (James Whiting), check him out.  He's simply an amazing harmonica player; think James Cotton, Carey Bell, Big Walter Horton, Junior Wells, and (for you younger groovers) John Popper.  He's made it into the rock and roll record books with his memorable playing on "Miss You" from the Rolling Stones' "Some Girls" release. He also played on "Emotional Rescue", "Tattoo You", and he accompanied the Stones on the "Steel Wheels" tour.  This is a scorching show, with excellent sound.  The band's tight, and moves comfortably through blues, rock funk, and jazz styles.

"Blue is a technical wonder. He blows torrents of intense, quicksilver-lightning runs -- swooping, soaring, purring, and wailing, sometimes sustaining high notes while chording beneath them. His chops are scary...Blue balances flash with feel."
-- Tony "Little Sun" Glover

1. Opening Instrumental
2. I Ain't Got You
3. One More Mile To Go
4. Backdoor Man
5. Hoochie Coochie Man
6. Lip Service And Lies
7. Play Me Some Blues
8. Red Hot Mama
9. Closing Instrumental


LINKS:  Great quality even if the rip is at 256 kbs

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