April 19, 2015

Spirit - Club Maui, Philadelphia 1995

An excellent Spirit show at the Club Maui in the city of Philadelphia on July 2, 1995 where they played as a trio, with Randy California, Scott Monahan and Ed Cassidy.
The band had just released the album Live at la Paloma, as mentioned by the radio DJ at the beginning of the recording.

Sound Quality: 9+

Source: Soundboard

Track List:
01 - Intro
02 - Love From Here
03 - Uncle Jack
04 - Nature's Way
05 - Fresh Garbage
06 - Pawnshop Blues
07 - 1984
08 - Darling If
09 - La Paloma Jam
10 - Animal Zoo
11 - Red House
12 - I Got A Line On You
13 - Prelude (Nothing To Hide)
14 - Dark Eyed Woman
15 - Working in Philly



Anonymous said...

Great concert - but a trio? I'm hearing keyboards as well as bass here ... the girl introducing the band only knows Randy and Ed's names ...

AtticRock said...

Yep I noticed that, those two are the greater spirits...
The info I have refers a trio, Scott plays bass and keyboards.
Check out SPIRIT #28 on this page:

MisterManiac said...

Correct...they were on a ight budget, so the guy played both keys and "bass" on a keyboard (much like Ray Manzarek did in The Doors).

Anonymous said...

Interesting. I'm betting Scott didn't play keys as well as bass here.

Quote from that site re the following year:

"Due to the unavailability of Scott and Liberty to tour much out of the West Coast,

Randy and Cass employ professional "pick up" musicians to play bass and keyboards. There was a set of two musicians for Mid-West dates, and others for East Coast dates. The Mid-West players were Gary Bloom (keys/vocals) and Gordo (bass). Jack Geisenheimer plays bass on some East Coast gigs. "

So maybe that's the case here?

Zubbid said...

I had the good fortune to be there in the audience for this — I believe it's indeed Scott Monahan here. I can confirm that they performed as a trio on this day, with the bass parts handled by the keyboardist.

AtticRock said...

Great, thanks for clearing that out Zubbid!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Zubbid!