April 10, 2015

Love with Arthur Lee - Bergen, Norway 2004 (+ remaster)

And now Love with Arthur Lee at the Ole Bull Teater in Bergen, Norway on April 23, 2004 performing the majority of the masterpiece Forever Changes.
I found this an excellent show but as usual with soundboards the sound was very dry, in this case the volume was also too low.
So hands to work and now we have a remaster that I find pleasing to listen, at least more than the original.
Both recordings are shared below.

Sound Quality: 9/9.5

Source: Soundboard

Track List:
01 - Your Mind and we Belong Together (cut)
02 - Alone Again Or
03 - Andmoreagain
04 - Seven And Seven Is
05 - Old Man
06 - Live And Let Live
07 - My Little Red Book
08 - Orange Skies
09 - A House Is Not A Motel  
10 - The Red Telephone
11 - My Flash On You
12 - Bummer In The Summer
13 - Instant Karma - Everybody’s Gotta Live
14 - You Set The Scene
15 - August
16 - Signed D.C.
17 - The Daily Planet
18 - Singing Cowboy
19 - Between Clark And Hilldale

MP3 (remaster)
WAV pt1 (remaster)
WAV pt2 (remaster)


Anonymous said...

My choice goes to the MP3 remaster, downloading now.

Merci beaucoup !!!!

Derek from Paris

AtticRock said...

I think you'll like it Derek, probably more than the other show, without Arthur Lee.

Anonymous said...

Thanks! Great setlist & sound. Track #2 is actually Alone Again Or and track #3 is Andmoreagain. Track #1 fades in and may be the end of Your Mind And We.

AtticRock said...

You are right, I've changed the track names, thanks!

Anonymous said...

Thanks again. Tracks #10 &11 are the same song. Did something get mixed up during the MP3 remaster?

AtticRock said...

Damn, I think it was when exporting the audio from the software, I'll have to do that track again.
Thanks for reporting it!

zwentzen said...

I have mixed the original soundboard FLAC with an audio recording - a perfect match, and the COMPLETE show. Interested? :) GREAT concert, it was - I was there!

Anonymous said...

I just have mixed the original soundboard FLAC with my own audience recording - and it's superb! Interested?

hans friedrich said...

the files have been deleted from all servers

Anonymous said...

Could this be re-uploaded? Thanks

Anonymous said...

thank you!!!!

k@rst1 said...

zwentzen. How can i get a hold of your mix?
I was there too. Loved it!