March 2, 2015

Midnight Oil DOUBLE DECKER : - MTV Unplugged 1993 - Sound Relief Benefit, MCG, Melbourne - FM Master 2009-03-14

MTV Unplugged    1993 - 

Midnight Oil again !
 One of the best band from Australia  circa   Blue Sky Mining era.

Most of the material here is from Diesel and Dust.
Unplugged....  but it doesnt take the edge out of their message!


Sound Relief Benefit, MCG, Melbourne - FM Master 2009-03-14 (2009)


Midnight Oil   Full Power here !

FM Master

Lineage = Sony STR-DE598 FM Tuner > Marantz DR700 CD Recorder >

01. Intro
02. Redneck Wonderland
03. Read About It
04. Blue Sky Mine
05. Advance Australia Fair
06. One Country
07. Beds Are Burning
08. King Of The Mountain
09. The Dead Heart
10. The Power and The Passion
11. Best of Both Worlds
12. Encore Break
13. Sometimes



Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for Midnight Oil

Anonymous said...

Mostly thankful to put these records again on the net. Midnight Oil were one of the best bands of the eighties/nineties with a political sense in their lyrics that made them so particular.

Thanks for sharing to today's world, it needs such music,

Derek from Paris

AtticRock said...

Great stuff here RP!
Until the previous show you shared of this band I only knew them for the song Beds Are Burning :)

La Piazza Gancio said...

Feel free to post as much of the Oils as you like!

Anonymous said...

:) u welcome guys !
Ill keep them coming... if i find more!
Rippin F