February 5, 2015

Whitford St. Holmes - Cardi's, Houston, TX 1981

After leaving Aerosmith around 1980 Brad Whitford made a project with Derek St Holmes called Whitford/St. Holmes. They recorded one album and also did some touring with relative success.
This recording is from one of those dates at Cardi's in Houston, Texas.

Sound Quality: 8.5

Source: FM Broadcast

Track List:
01 I Need Love
02 Shy Away
03 Whiskey Woman
04 Does It Really Matter
05 Spanish Boy
06 Every Morning
07 Action
08 Sharpshooter



Evil-e said...

Lookie there.... a Whitford / St. Holmes show! I bought the cassette waaaaayyyyy back in the day and always liked it. Picked me up the CD when it was released and now some live cuts. Sawwweeeet :)


simonthecat said...

Thank you! Stuff by these guys is pretty damn hard to find.

Anonymous said...

just as evil-e said.

i had the cassette also and always liked it. derek st.holmes has always been an a** kickin' vocalist, so worth waiting the 30 minutes to get this from this crap a** server!

i wish the same could be said about that aerosmith that was posted a little while ago. :(

thank you