February 12, 2015

Billy Squier - Salt Lake City 1984

This was recorded at the Salt Palace in Salt Lake City during the tour of Signs of Life, the fourth album in Billy Squier's career.
I counted five tracks from it and on a side note the last one, Rock Me Tonite, had a promotional video that Billy himself considered as the main cause for a derailing on his career, so bad it was!
The rest of the song listing is composed of some classics including some of my favourites like In The Dark or The Stroke.

Sound Quality: 9

Source: FM Broadcast

Track List:
01 All Night Long
02 In The Dark
03 Whadda You Want From Me
04 Reach For The Sky
05 My Kinda Lover
06 Keep Me Satisfied
07 Learn How To Live
08 She's A Runner
09 Hand'Me-Downs
10 The Stroke
11 Take A Look Behind Ya
12 Everybody Wants You
13 (Another) 1984
14 Rock Me Tonight



Anonymous said...

this guy absolutely makes me want to vomit when ever i hear his crap!

he wasn't any good back then and still isn't!! that is what "derailed" his career!

Anonymous said...

I agree. no talent at all. good riddance

Anonymous said...

Haters ... appreciate talent

Darryl Whalen said...

the first few albums weren't bad though i just watched that video you were talking about - wow, it's real bad. it's very funny, though not intentionally so.
oh well, there's been lots of bad music over time

Rayvee said...

Thanks so much for this! Billy Squier is such a talent, and wholly humble and pleasant. A true rocker and he always surrounded himself with talented musicians.

Never heard anyone equate a music video with musical ability before.

Annette Murphy said...

another useless upload rocket link...


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