January 16, 2015

Robert Lucas & Canned Heat LIVE Bonn, Germany, November 4, 2007

Former Canned Heat frontman Robert Lucas, a skilled slide-guitarist and harp player, died on Sunday, November 23rd, 2008 from an apparent drug overdose, according to his manager Skip Taylor. The Long Beach, California native was just 46 years old.
Lucas first became known to blues fans as a member of guitarist Bernie Pearl's late-1970s band, originally playing harmonica behind artists like Big Joe Turner, Lowell Fulson, Percy Mayfield and other West Coast blues and R&B singers. Lucas worked on his skills for years before launching his own band, Luke & the Locomotives, in 1986.
Lucas hooked up with boogie-rock kings Canned Heat in 1994 as singer, guitarist and harp player, and would first appear on the band's 1996 Blues Band album, the last featuring founding member and guitarist Henry Vestine.
Between 1994 and 2008, Lucas served two stints as the band's frontman, touring the world in front of the band and contributing songs, instrumentation and vocals to recordings like 1999's Boogie 2000 and the band's 2007 Christmas album.

great soundboard quality here

robert lucas - voc ,g, harp
barry levenson - g, voc
greg kapuscinski - b, voc
steve kida - dr, voc

01. on the road again (wilson/jones) 05:19
02. stranger (james) 04:45
03. bullfrog blues (cook/hite/taylor/vestine) 04:59
04. i don't know why (lucas) 05:29
05. announcement robert lucas 00:10
06. 'til the money runs out (waits) 05:25
07. announcement robert lucas 00:10
08. creole queen (lucas) 04:35
09. announcement robert lucas 00:09
10. dust my broom (jaqmes) 05:39
11. announcement robert lucas 00:09
12. time Was (wilson) 05:53
13. announcement robert lucas 00:37
14. let's work together (harris) 03:58
15. same all over [fade out] (canned heat/vestine) 03:21




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Excellent, this one's a keeper.
Thanks RF!

Anonymous said...

glad u enjoy this one !