January 23, 2015

Lazy Roosters Live At Clarion (2008) Sweden

Lazy Roosters is a Swedish blues band formed in 2006 located in the "mountain country" of central Sweden called Bergslagen, Örebro county. Their style incorporates both Chicago and Texas blues, both covers and own songs with lyrics in English. The band won the 2008 Scandinavian Blues Contest at Monsteras Roots & Blues Festival, Sweden. Lazy Roosters mostly plays the local blues scene in and around Örebro city or county, occasionally in other major cities in Sweden or at blues festivals around the country

this is a decent crowd recording.  Crowd noise in between the tracks is a little annoying
Show is really good so even if Im not a fan of this type of recordings I decided to post anyway
Lazy Roosters only have 1 official album, but there is a few other live recordings around


Anonymous said...

Hi ,
is there a password for this show ? Please ?...

Thanks !


Rippin Frog said...

@ Ratapignata about lazy roosters
I NEVER password my stuff
I just tested the download and it opened just fine here

ismael fernando sarda de avila said...

Please, would you like to post the link again?

Rippin Frog' stuff said...

new link on the post now!

ismael fernando sarda de avila said...

Very thanks!!!