January 2, 2015

Elvin Bishop & James Cotton Live Waterfront Blues Fest Portland, OR July 6, 2012

 The Legendary James Cotton !  one of the last original from the Chess Records stable!
Elvin Bishop  (ex Paul Butterfield Blues Band) a white boy that grew up around the glory days of Chicago Blues !
Bishop's last album Cant do wrong right is one of his best ever ! Mr Cotton still records and tour at the tender age of 79!
Enjoy !
As always with these Waterfront festival recordings  sound is excellent
no flac 


Anonymous said...

May I wish you an eclectic year 2015 ! It's been a pleasure to come around at soundaboard for many years and I'm looking forward to discover many other beautiful and high quality recordings. All the best wishes for a peaceful, happy 2015,

from the City of Lights,
Derek from Paris :)

AtticRock said...

Thank Derek, this blog survived all these years also due to the continuous support of friendly folks like you.
Bonne année ;)

BB said...

Happy 2015 to Attic,Rippin Frog (hehehe) and all visitors of this great blog. :)

Steve626 said...

Nice post and great work as always. Happy 2015!

Beemer said...

Any chance of re-posting this? Thanks in advance.