November 1, 2014

Delta Moon Live Smith's Old Bar, Atlanta Ga, August 27, 2005

This was a release party for their 4th CD Howlin. The band has two slide guitar players who can both smoke at times and at other times blend into the total song and not overwhelm it. In addition, they have a great female vocals and the rest of the band can create some pretty good harmonies. If you like southern rock or The North Mississippi All-Stars, get this show!
Great soundboard quality!

You Don't Have to Go
Edna Mae
Can't Let Go
I'm Cryin
Blue Highway
Goin Down South
Somebody Been Usin That Thing
Let Tomorrow Be
Shine the Light
Shakem on Down
Like My Lover Can
Must Be Lonely

 Download it, share with as many people as possible, 
go see 'em live if they are in your neighborhood and buy their CDs. 

MP3 only this time


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Anonymous said...

southern rock, huh? i'm always game for some southern rock.

i've heard of this band but have never heard them. i will now!

thanks for the zippyshare link also :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing this one. I have another CD from them and appreciate de diversity of songs, the good songwriting. Quite interesting indeed for a good swinging listening,

but I don't think they tour that much here over in old Europe,


Rippin Frog said...

next post is delta moon live in Germany!
I say check their web site or the facebook page for upcoming tours!
Rippin Frog

Anonymous said...

Great news that this band is touring Europe. I'll check them out !

That's how musicians nowadays get people to their concerts, with the help of blogs like yours and dedicated music lovers that share their new experience through the net.


Anonymous said...

Don`t worry, man. Your hobby - our plesure

Pat said...

Great share of a brillant band Thank you

Anonymous said...

I must have been remiss in that I have not heard this band yet. Unfortunate All links are dead. But I will search and see what appears.