November 28, 2014

Curtis Salgado Live @ Edmonton Blues Festival 2010 (Canada Live CBC Podcast)

2010 Edmonton Blues Festival: Curtis Salgado

From Portland Oregon, harmonica player, songwriter and singer  Curtis Salgado blurs the lines between blues and soul music.

When he performs, he draws every drop of emotion out of the music, as if his life depends on it. And for Curtis Salgado, it does. Two years ago he was diagnosed with liver cancer and told he had eight  months to live, unless he got a liver transplant which would generate medical bills upwards of half a million dollars. With no health insurance and few funds, the man who is one of America's finest blues/soul singers needed  a little help from his friends. When your friends and admirers include the likes of Steve Miller, Robert Cray, Bonnie Raitt and Taj Mahal, you've got a fighting chance. Numerous benefits were held in multiple cities including a  benefit concert featuring Miller, Cray, Taj Mahal, The Phantom Blues Band, Everclear and Little Charlie & The Nightcats.

Curtis got his transplant, though there were a few twists and turns in the road before that happened.
 A little less than two years after his initial diagnosis, Curtis was able to record Clean Getaway, 
his latest album whose title has an obvious double meaning.

Salgado's set was the Sunday night closer at the 2010 Edmonton Labatt Blues Festival.
 For the crowd that night, it wasn't a concert; it was a conversion.


    * Curtis Salgado - vocals, harmonica
    * Tracy Arrington - bass, vocals
    * Lloyd Jones - guitar
    * Dave Fleschner - keyboards
    * Russ Kleiner - drums
    * Dave Mills - trumpet
    * Gary Harris - saxophone
    * Margarett Linn - backing vocals
    * LaRonda Steele - backing vocals

Track Listing for this Concert

1 Clean Getaway Curtis Salgado (composer) 5:56
2 Who's Lovin You  Robinson (composer) 8:43
3 Nobody But You  unknown (composer) 4:01
4 I Can't Stop Lovin You   Lloyd Jones (composer) 3:20
5 Too Loose  Curtis Salgado (composer) 17:40
6 I'm Gonna Forget About You  Ov Wright (composer) 3:55
7 Born All Over  Johnny Copeland, D. Malone (composers) 6:42
8 Twenty Years of BB King   Curtis Salgado (composer) 5:35
9 Sweet Jesus Budda The Doctor   Mathias Baumann, Curtis Salgado (composers) 15:31

I recorded this one from a CBC podcast
recorded as a wave then rip as MP3 320


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Rocdoc said...

i've been knocking down some of the excellent blues your site has, starting with the tinsley ellis that brought me (back) here (excellent 2015 show on bt tree right now)- i'd forgotten about this site and some of the others with yr name 'titus' on them, sites which were always prime shows and players.
curtis, i know about through an ex girlfriend of mine, who knew him while in the bay area...always loved his stuff. great to hear about his success re recovery after his liver transplant too. so many rockers torn up by that, whether it's alcohol or the various hepatitises.
thanks for this!