September 1, 2014

Joan Osborne Live Wetland Preserve 12-31-92

Here is a great recording of early Joan Osborne, before the Lilith Fair crowd got their hand on her. This is on balls to the wall rock, R&B & soul shows!
This show goes out to one of the top tapers Dave Nolan. Dave was a fixture on the taper seen from 1988 to his passing in 2010. Those of us in the tri-state area who listened to his late night program on WBAI got to hear all the sounds around the NY scene. Even though he worked a full time job, he would record all sorts of shows (Blues Traveler, Spin Doctors, The Dead, Moe & more), Then rush down to the studio and play them on his 3:00am - 6:00am show. Some times he would have to save the encore of a show for his next weeks show.

I been pounding about posting this one.... Show is awesome  but the bit rate is LOW  128kb
I decided to post it  anyway in case maybe ,just maybe someone would have a better copy!
if you do please  let us know!

Midnight Countdown -> Auld Lang Syne 1:59
His Eyes Are A Blue Million Miles 5:01
The World Is A Genius 6:53
Don't Let Me Down (Beatles) 3:45
Dreamin' About The Day 6:36
Fingerprints -> 5:23
Midnight In Memphis 6:30
Joan & The Audience Banter 3:19
Crazy Baby 6:10
Son Of A Preacher Man (Dusty Springfield) 8:29
How Red Was My Kiss 6:40

4 Camels 3:50
Match Burn Twice 4:52
Enemy In The Sky 5:12
Help Me (Trad) 7:20
Tonight -> 4:52
Open So Wide 5:37
Take Me To The River (Al Green) 9:40
Wild World 4:51
Get Up Jack 7:49
Killing Floor (Trad) 13:06
E: I Shall Be Released (Dylan)7:26

NEW LINK  May 5/17

WARNING:  128 kbs  bit rate   cant find a better copy


Anonymous said...

RIP Dave and thank you for all the shows you taped and shared.

Алексей Анциферов said...

There is nothing to feel sorry

zigzagwanderer said...

128kbps ? Who cares , it's a great show , many thanks .

Unknown said...

Is it possible to get a re-up of this great-looking show?


Rippin Frog said...

Ill re;olaod it soon been real busy here with recertifying my medic ticket!

Rippin Frog said...

Jaon Osborne link uodate