September 2, 2014

Interstate 40 Rhythm Kings - Live 2002-02-04 Swedish Radio

Sound Quality: 9/10


Interstate 40 Rhythm King

Benny Olander

Kenneth Nilsson

Jan-Ola Mazetti

Richard Carlsson

Björn Vilhjalmsson

This is a great Swedish band, in sweet and perfect harmony with the

rock hard R&B, swing blues, jump blues, 50's-70's rock-blues -

that's the Interstate 40 Rhythm Kings in a nut shell.

From hits to unknown, from sweet ballads to the up tempo

blues rock, from old to new - and all presented for a dancing

audience! Interstate 40 Rhythm Kings will guarantee you a night

where you don't want to sit at a table, but a night with lots of

dancing, swing, and rock'n'roll!

I dont know much about the show itself but Im pretty sure it was a Swedish

radio broadcast. 17 smokin' tracks here !

sorry no flac for this one.

Rippin Frog



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