August 18, 2014

Joan Osborne & The Holmes Brothers - Live Portland Waterfront Blues Fest July 6 2014

Rippin Frog filling up a request here!

Want a good recipe for soul music?

Here’s what you do: Start with vocalist, Joan Osborne, who has had pop music hits, performed on The Grand Old Oprey, toured with members of The Grateful Dead and yet never strayed from her  roots in rhythm ‘n blues music. Now add a good, solid dose of The Holmes Brothers (Sherman Holmes, Wendell Holmes and Popsy Dixon), who have been playing their own unique blend of blues, gospel, soul and R&B since the late 1970’s. Once you have assembled all these ingredients, all you need to do is stand back and listen.

Great soul music will begin to happen instantly, as it did at this year Waterfront Blues Fest
Rippin Frog filling up a request here!

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Set List
01 Amazing Grace
02 Drivin' in the Drivin' Rain
03 It Hurts Me Too
    Enter Joan
04 That's Where It's At
05 Leavin' On That Midnight Train To Georgia
06 My Word Is My Bond
07 Feed My Soul
08 Mongrels
09 Brokedown Palace
10 Game Of Love
11 Man Of Peace
12 One of Us
13 Stayed At The Party

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Steve626 said...

Thanks to you and Rippin' Frog for posting this at my request. Really appreciate it!

Anonymous said...

Wow, many thanks to you and the Rippin' Frog for all this wonderful blues and roots.
Proper soulfood

Kind regards


Anonymous said...

ps - meant to say, special thanks for the FLAC and making it available thru Zippyshare


Rob-in-Brevard said...

Very groovy share you posted.


Anonymous said...

we aim to please !!!
Rippin Frog