August 24, 2014

Curtis Salgado Waterfront Blues Festival Portland, OR. July 6, 2014

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Rippin Frog

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SourceSoundboard/radio broadcast

''Triumphant, joyful blues-soaked R&B...
one of the most soulful, honest singers ever"
Blues Revue

                                                                                                                                                                       Award-winning vocalist/songwriter/harmonica icon Curtis Salgado sings and plays with soulful authority, never giving less than 100 percent.
He plays each and every show like it’s the most important gig of his career. He recalls the time when his friend, the great chitlin’ circuit singer Buddy Ace, put on the show of his life, singing his heart out, making three costume changes, all while playing at a casual house party. Salgado was floored. “I was just there playing with my band, hanging out in cut-offs and a t-shirt, and there’s Buddy treating the gig the same as if he was performing at the Apollo,” he says. From that moment on, Curtis vowed that every time he got on stage he would deliver his very best shot.
Salgado effortlessly mixes blues, funk and R&B with a delivery that is raw and heartfelt. He moves with ease from the tenderest ballads to the most full-throated stompers. Blues Revue says, “Salgado is one of the most down-to-earth, soulful, honest singers ever, and his harmonica work is smoking and thoroughly invigorating...rollicking, funky and electrifying.”
With his 2013 Alligator Records debut, Soul Shot, Salgado is reaching the largest audience of his career. The album helped Curtis sweep last year's Blues Music Awards, winning the "B.B. King Entertainer of the Year", "Soul-Blues Male Artist of the Year" and "Soul-Blues Album of the Year" awards.

Track List:

01 Opening Blues (cut in)
02 What You Gonna Do?
03 Nobody But You
04 Bluebird ???
05 Love Comfort Zone >>
06 Love Man
07 Star Bright
08 That Ain't It ???
09 She Didn't Cut Me Loose >>
10 Iko, Iko >>
11 Too Loose
12 20 Years Of BB King
13 Born All Over >>
14 A Woman Or The Blues


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Anonymous said...


just to let you know that zippyshare links are currently showing '404 Not Found'

I tried yesterday and also today.

Thanks for all your work, the recent posts have been fantastic


Rippin Frog' stuff said...

i think i fixed them zippy
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Steve626 said...

Hey there -- thanks for this.

snakeboy said...

Thanks for fixing those links, cos man, this is good!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, some fantastic posts here in the past few weeks. Many thanks!!!
I might add that Track 3 is probably more correctly titled "Little Bluebird" (see for example). Track 8 is correct as "That Ain't It".

Great work, RF! Looking forward to more and Moore. But what do you have against German Techno?!? I'm not a huge Techno head, but sometimes that just seems to hit the groove I'm in. (^_^)



Rocdoc said...

thanks for this!

(um, btw any chance of re-upping the mannish boys link - it's down)