August 20, 2014

Big Jack Johnson - Live Norwich Chenango Blues Fest 1996

Big Jack Johnson live on 1996 presented by The Rippin' Frog.

One commentator noted that Johnson, along with R. L. Burnside, Paul "Wine" Jones,
Roosevelt "Booba" Barnes and James "Super Chikan" Johnson, were "present-day exponents of an edgier, electrified version  of the raw, uncut Delta blues sound.
In 1962, Johnson joined with Sam Carr and Frank Frost to form The Jelly Roll Kings and The Nighthawks. Johnson's first recordings as a vocalist appeared on the 1979 album Rockin' the Juke Joint Down, on Earwig Music. With Frost as the bandleader, they performed and recorded together for 15 years.
He has recorded both solo and as a member of the blues groups the Jelly Roll Kings and Big Jack Johnson and the Oilers (with poet/musician Dick Lourie). Johnson's album for Earwig, The Oil Man (1987), includes "Catfish Blues."
He performed and wrote "Jack's Blues" and performed "Catfish Medley" with Samuel L. Jackson on the Black Snake Moan film soundtrack. Daddy, When Is Mama Comin Home? (1990) presents social concerns. His last recordings were with the Corn Lickers and delivered some of his best ever work
Johnson died from an undisclosed illness on March 14, 2011.According to family members, he had struggled with health issues in his final years, worsening to the point that there were erroneous reports of his death several times in the weeks prior to his death.
Big Jack was a Blues force  
R.I.P. and welcome to the big band in the sky!



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