July 16, 2014

Midnight Oil - Ronnie Scott's Jazz Club, London 1993

Today we have the Australian band Midnight Oil on a different contribution by our friend The Rippin' Frog.

Midnight Oil won eleven Australian Recording Industry Association (ARIA) Awards during its career, including induction into the Hall of Fame in 2006. At the induction, ARIA chairman Denis Handlin described Midnight Oil as true legends that always led by example in a uniquely Australian way with music that is powerful, uncompromising, inspiring, entertaining and enduring.

Their highly politically/eco engaged themes are still timeless and  as relevant as ever!

This great set would be as close to "Unpluged" as these guys could be!

Seen them in the 80ies  one of the best live act ever !

01 - Feeding Frenzy
02 - The Dead Heart
03 - My Country
04 - Blue Sky Mine
05 - Sell My Soul
06 - Truganini
07 - Warakurna
08 - Short Memory
09 - Beds Are Burning
10 - Earth And Sun And Moon

Band Line Up:
Bones Hillman: Bass, Vocals
Martin Rotsey: Guitars, Vocals
Robert Hirst: Drums, Vocals
Peter Garrett: Lead Vocals
Jim Moginie: Guitars, Keyboards, Vocals

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Anonymous said...

Your site is great, but when your link sends me to the Mirror Creator site for a download, I just can't seem to make it work. I keep getting popups and ads, but the link to download the file never materializes.

AtticRock said...

I added a mirror, you can get it there.

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot. I just don't know what I do wrong with the Mirror Creator. It's not like I just fell off the turnip truck, but that site has me mystified.

Anonymous said...

weird i use mirror all the time never seen a pop up
Rippin Frog

La Piazza Gancio said...

Wow! Don't see many Midnight Oil boots.

And this one's a beauty! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

la piazza
actually i saw a site with a list very long one too of ALL their bootlegs! not that i hace them here !!! LOL
Rippin frog

AtticRock said...

What a list!
And this one is marked with 10/10 Quality!

Anonymous said...

:) nothing but the best for us my friend LOL

Rippin Frog

Anonymous said...

Merci beaucoup !