April 3, 2014

Page & Plant - Lakeshore Arena, New Orleans, LA 1998

Robert Plant and Jimmy Page at the Lakeshore Arena, New Orleans, on October 1, 1998 with the company of musicians Charlie Jones (bass), Michael Lee (drums), and Philip Andrews (keyboards, squeeze-box and mandolin).
A sensational show with fine quality from the Walking Into Everywhere Tour, this is for me one of the best shares done this year on Soundaboard.

Sound Quality: 9.5

Source: Soundboard

Track List:  
01. Wanton Song
02. Bring It On Home
03. Heartbreaker
04. Ramble On
05. Walking Into Clarksdale
06. No Quarter
07. When The World Was Young
08. Going To California
09. Tangerine
10. Gallows Pole
11. Heart In Your Hand
12. Babe I'm Gonna Leave You
13. How Many More Times-I Can't Quit You Baby
14. Most High
15. Whole Lotta Love
16. Celebration Day
17. Rock And Roll

FLAC pt1
FLAC pt2
FLAC pt3


Anonymous said...

I'd agree it might be one of the best of the year on soundboard if it wasn't on that worthless upload.net!

not even going to waste my time trying to get.

thank you

PhilBob-SquareHead said...

^^ Wah.wah.wah.....What a crybaby, who can't afford an Upload.net account OR wait for a slow download! FREE GREAT SOUNDBOARD shows! And this one is AWESOME! PAGE is on FIRE!. TOO bad crybaby can't listen to it!

Thank you SOUNDBOARD for all you do!

Music Collector in NC, USA

Anonymous said...

Cheers for this. Excellent!

Crybaby cry, is an idiot.

Frawls said...

Thank you so much for sharing. For trading purposes, do you know if this came from a specific bootleg CD or was it from a copy taped from the live broadcast? Thanks again!

Frawls said...

Thank you very much for sharing. For trading purposes, do you know if this came from a bootleg CD or a casette copy taped from the live broadcast? There are a couple missing interviews. Either way, sounds great!

AtticRock said...

There are no interviews in this copy, this is soundboard sourced so probably there are other versions from the broadcast recording.

Anonymous said...

can you re-upload all of the Page&Plant shows their all down.thanks

AtticRock said...

This one is ok now.
For other shows you have to post a message in each.