April 23, 2014

Elvin Bishop - 1979 My Father's Place

One more from our friend The Ripping Frog, really thanks for sharing!

Elvin Bishop live @ My Father's Place is Elvin having a party alright. 
Elvin Bishop music is always good time music, and live he's at his very best. This is a live broadcast from 1979, two years after his official live album "Raisin' Hell'", and it's a treat. A little less polished, but that only adds to the charm of his music. There's no Mickey Thomas present, so the emphasis is less on the singing, more on the picking. Southern Rock with plenty of Funk and Soul. And Blues of course.
If you dig Elvin Bishop at all, you'll love this

 considering this is from the 70ies  sound quality is awesome!!
 rippin Frog

Link (mp3 only)


Anonymous said...

man, no playlist?

one of the links in this very confusing download setup is zippyshare which is as good as it gets there.

thank you

Nad Lewis said...

Nice show, nice sound. Many thanks!