March 14, 2014

Savatage - Holding Back The Storm (1998)

This is not the regulat type of recording we usually have on Soundaboard, however this audience capture is good enough to be presented here.
It's a great Savatage show at the Elysee Montmartre in Paris, France on November 14th 1998 and as filler tracks we have the last five songs from the  Dynamo Open Air, Eindhoven (on May 1989?).

Sound Quality: 9

Source: Audience

Track List:
01 - Introductions
02 - Nothing Going On
03 - Chance
04 - Jesus Saves
05 - Taunting Cobras
06 - Edge Of Thorns
07 - Blackjack Guillotine
08 - The Wake Of Magellan_One Child_The Storm,
09 - Tonight He Grins Again_New York City Don't Mean Nothing_Stare Into The Sun_I Am
10 - Starlight
11 - Streets, Strange Wings, Ghost In The Ruins
12 - Heal My Soul_A Little Too Far

01 - Believe
02 - City Beneath The Surface_The Dungeons Are Calling_Sirens
03 - Gutter Ballet
04 - Silk And Steel
05 - Sleep
06 - Only Women Bleed
07 - Not What You See
08 - Another Way_Power Of The Night_The Hourglass
09 - Hall Of The Mountain King_Christmas Eve-Sarajevo
10 - White Witch*
11 - Warriors*
12 - Necrophilia*
13 - Midas Night*
14 - I Believe*

* Dynamo Open Air Festival, Holland

MP3 pt1
MP3 pt2
FLAC disc 1 pt1
FLAC disc 1 pt2
FLAC disc 2 pt1
FLAC disc 2 pt2


MisterManiac said...

Thanks for this! No such thing as "filler" when it comes to Savatage...consistently strong band even from their early days. Definitely going to grab this one!

Anonymous said...

Sweet - thanks!

George said...

This may not be the regular type of recording we usually have on Soundaboard - but it's the type of recording we should have MORE of! Please - Savatage of any era is the best - if you have any more - it would be deeply appreciated. Thanks!

AtticRock said...

I was talking about it being an audience tape...

George said...

There aren't many soundboards of Savatage out there - most of the Savatage boots are audience recordings that I've seen. If you have any more, I'd absolutely love to see em posted. Not a lot of bloggers out there posting Savatage stuff - and this show is a great one. Thanks so much!

purpelaar said...

Agree with above comments.

Thanx for posting!

Anonymous said...

Can you please give a new link? I love Savatage, both "old" and "new". I must admit though, that the "old" Savatage was the best. Hall of the Mountain King was one of the best albums of all time. I also enjoy this era, as you can see them transforming into what would become TSO. (TSO is also great)

AtticRock said...

You got it!

Anonymous said...

Great show, thanks a bunch! I really appreciate your willingness to re-post and your very fast response. I hope you have a Very Merry Christmas and a Rockin' New Year!!!!!!!!!!!

AtticRock said...

I'm not always this fast but try to satisfy every request, at least the polite ones :)