February 25, 2014

Bryan Lee - Toronto Jazz Festival 2000

From Soundaboard's Blues department presented by The Rippin' Frog we have Bryan Lee.

Bryan Lee
du Maurier Stage
Toronto Jazz Festival
Toronto, ON

01. Instrumental-Intro
02. Sinkin' Fast
03. Automobile Blues
04. Barefootin'
05. The Things I Used To Do
06. Heat Seeking Missile
07. Down The Road I Go
08. Noize With The Boyz
09. Braille Blues Daddy

01. I'm Tired
02. I Play The Blues For You
03. Crosscut Saw
04. I Got A Rich Man's Woman
05. Memphis Bound-Band Intro's-The Blues Is Alright

Lee completely lost his eyesight by the age of eight. His avid interest in early rock and blues was fostered through the 1950s by late night listening sessions via the Nashville-based radio station WLAC-AM, where he first encountered the sounds of Elmore James, Albert King and Albert Collins.
By his late teens, Lee was playing rhythm guitar in a regional band called The Glaciers that covered Elvis Presley, Little Richard and Chuck Berry material. Through the 1960s, Lee's interest turned to Chicago blues and he soon found himself immersed in that scene, opening for some of his boyhood heroes. In 1979 he released his first album named Beauty Isn't Always Visual.In January 1982, Lee moved to New Orleans, eventually landing a steady gig at the Old Absinthe House on Bourbon Street becoming a favorite of tourists in the city's French Quarter. For the next 14 years, Lee and his Jump Street Five played five nights a week at that popular bar, developing a huge following and a solid reputation.
Today Lee continues to perform in New Orleans. He also tours several times a year in the Midwest, Eastern Seaboard, Rocky Mountain States and recently Europe and Brazil. Lee appeared with Kenny Wayne Shepherd as the musical guest on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno on February 14, 2007

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