November 23, 2013

Eric Clapton - Richmond 1985

After the JJ Cale post now we have his friend Eric Clapton, one of the artists that recorded and played many of JJ's songs.
This recording was made on the Backless U.S. tour on April 25, 1979 in Richmond.
This is apparently from 1985, if any of you has the true Richmond 1979 show and wants to share it with us it would be great!
Edit: This seems to be from the Coliseum in Richmond, Virginia on April 22, 1985.

Sound Quality: 9.5

Source:  Soundboard

Track List
01 - Motherless Children
02 - Tangled In Love
03 - Blues Power
04 - Tulsa Time
05 - I Shot The Sheriff
06 - Wonderful Tonight
07 - She`s Waiting
08 - Lay Down Sally
09 - Badge / Let It Rain
10 - Forever Man
11 - Layla

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Anonymous said...

I'm Sorry, this live have been recorded after 1985, mots of the songs are from the album "Behind the sun" made in 1985... Anyway, the sound is amazing.

AtticRock said...

You are right, I wonder where is this show from... I downloaded it some time ago as being from 1979.

Anonymous said...

So far any links to Richmond are dead. Will keep looking when I get chance as it is out there.

jean said...

great thks for this Clapton post
with an incredible sound,really appreciated

Anonymous said...

See Geetarz...Virginia 25 04 85

Anonymous said...

Sorry not 25 04 85 but 22 04 85.....

Anonymous said...

If you want the cover for geetarz

Anonymous said...

mega stops at 99%.
does anybody know what to do?

Barbara Travers said...

Last night I found a reel to reel of what appears to be the Aoril 22, '85 show at the Richmond Coliseum. It has Tulsa Time, Sheriff, Wonderful Tonight, Sally, Badge/Let It Rain. It sounds incredible.

Anonymous said...

This is an old King Biscuit Show available in WOlfgangs vault. I taped it at the time and wore it out. They said at the time it was the first King Biscuit to be recorded digitally, which is why the sound is so good. I've had a love hate relatioship with Clapton, but the recording and the energy in this show just crackles. Even the songs I don't like sound good on this.

The cyclist said...

This concert is part of the behind the sun tour in 1985 and this copy you have is not the complete concert the complete concert is 2 discs.
i went to the 28 feb 2nd night of his edinburgh playhouse concerts where the tour kicked off from and it was absolutely awesome and ever since then have been a stalwart eric clapton fan also i had the advantage of a front row seat right in the middle