October 8, 2013

Renaissance - Academy of Music, NYC (1974)

And now some more years back in time to find an excellent Renaissance show at the New York Academy of Music on May 17th 1974.
A concert recorded from a radio broadcast featuring Howard Stein conducting an 24-piece orchestra and Andy Powell (Wishbone Ash) on guitar on the song Ashes Are Burning.

Sound Quality: 9.5

Source: FM Broadcast

Track List:

Part 1
01 - dj intro music
02 - Can You Understand?
03 - Black Flame
04 - Carpet Of The Sun
05 - Cold Is Being
06 - Things I Don't Understand
07 - Running Hard

Part 2
01 - Ashes Are Burning
02 - Mother Russia
03 - Prologue
04 - dj outro

Oficially released


Anonymous said...

True.... this one is know to me... and it shivers my spine when Annie Haslam sings on Ashes are burning. Just music from outer space. Incredible and...

Thanks for sharing this with the whole world,


Anonymous said...

Honestly, what I like to do, as long as the pricing is right, is to buy what I downloaded freely some times before it became commercially available. It happens that the sound quality is improved, but whatever, hopefully my little money goes to the artists somewhere somehow, just to say "Thank you for the music" !

Derek from Paris,