October 11, 2013

Pretenders - Riviera Theater, Chicago 1980

The Pretenders recorded from a live broadcast at the Riviera Theater in Chicago, on September 8, 1980.
Most of the songs we find here are from their debut album, which was highly successful and helped in launching the band to a higher level.

Sound Quality: 9.5

Source: FM Broadcast

Track List:
01 - Precious
02 - The Adultress
03 - Kid
04 - Talk Of The Town
05 - Space Invader
06 - Cuban Slide
07 - I Go To Sleep
08 - Private Life
09 - Brass In Pocket
10 - The Wait
11 - Stop Your Sobbing
12 - Louie Louie
13 - Porcelain
14 - Tattooed Love Boys
15 - Band Introduction
16 - Up The Neck
17 - Mystery Achievement
18 - What You Gonna Do About It



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Anonymous said...

Anyway to download these files without going through a malware gauntlet?

Argentinian Rocker said...

Thank you amigo!!!

bd said...

Wow...another super post!!

Killer show, great sound, thanks so much. Love the early version of the Pretenders.

Anonymous said...

Hey Attic,

First, thanks a million for going to all the work and trouble and sacrifice of your time creating and maintaining this site, somewhere in the here-after I'm positive there is a super special enviable place for selfless cats like you to repay you for all the joy you brought people without asking for a thing in return. TRUE paying it forward, true sharing. Really amigo. ;)

Anyways, the FLAC links to the 1980 Riviera Theater show are both non-op/down. The alternative MP3 file worked fine. Just a heads up friend, and a very sincere thank you again bro.

AtticRock said...

Thank you for the nice words.
I'll leave the mp3 link and clean the rest.