September 6, 2013

Thorbjørn Risager - Live From Swedish Radio

The Rippin Frog, our blues hero, brings us the warmth of the blues forged in the coldness of the nordic lands.

Thorbjørn Risager - Live From Swedish Radio P4, May 17, 2008

This concert was recorded at Värnamo Rock & Blues Club in Sweden and broadcasted live by Swedish Radio P4. Danish musician mixing the many genres : blues , R & B , rock , jazz and soul . He studied at the
prestigious Rytmisk Music Conservatory in Copenhagen . In 2002, the guitarist, singer and songwriter with musicians from the Copenhagen blues scene, formed  the septet Thorbjørn Risager Blue7, with which he reached the 2004 debut album Live 2004 grossed.
In 2005 Risager was a Danish blues musician of the year award. His albums no longer appear under
Thorbjørn Risager Blue7, but only under his own name since the second CD From The Heart. Except
with his band occurs Risager in duo with pianist Emil on Balsgaard.  he calls Ray Charles and BB King his mentors/influences.
Ever since the debut, this great Danish vocalist and his equally outstanding band is delivering new albums with about a year’s interval, full of new compositions. How they find time for this – especially the composing – in spite of their intense touring, is a bit of a mystery. But life on the road is definitely a source of inspiration, which some of the songs, and even the cover photos, are reflecting – even though they don’t do so much of their travelling by train…
This guy is well worth your time searching for!!
buy them all !!


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