September 7, 2013

News & Updates

A little pause on all the blues that have been shared in the last days by our mate The Rippin Frog (thanks!!!) to report on some updates aboard the blog.
Following requests for putting up the artwok of Studio Magik, the Led Zeppelin studio sessions posted along the month of August, you can find it on this link: Studio Magik covers
Now to Golden Earring. About five years ago was posted a show of this band recorded on the Scheveningen beach in the Netherlands on 1993. Recently I received an email from someone that taped it from the Radio including the encore, that was Radar Love (of course)! He was kind enough to attach this track and now you can download it here and this way have a copy of the full show.
Something that is becoming more and more usual are messages asking for new uploads regarding old posts. With a blog this old what to expect?
I always try to fulfil them but there are cases it can't be done, notably with stuff shared by contributors with whom the contact was lost.
These are some shows that have been recharged lately:
The Outlaws - London 1977
Van Halen: Rocks The Beer Hall (Toronto 1995)
Shakin Street - San Francisco 1979
ZZ Top - April 20, 1980 
Pat Travers Band - Queen Mary College 1977
Jethro Tull - Los Angeles Coliseum (1976)
Georgia Satellites: Cleveland 1988
The Firm: Cleveland 1986

And for last an information some of you dedicate followers of soundaboard might want to keep, in case this old blog goes away and you feel disoriented (there are so few blogs around offering unreleased music... hehe) the name to search for is soundsaboard.

Thank you for being aboard, and don't forget to keep on Rocking!


Feelgood said...

Studio Magik Covers is the link wrong. This is the link to Radar Love.

Anonymous said...

Prolific re-upped blog from Mark Edward Lee. Search for

Hope you don't mind me posting this here as we have lost so many sites lately.

keep up the good posting

AtticRock said...

Ok, now the link is right.

Anonymous said...

Great to see this blog going on for quite a long time now, just like a pub where everyone can come in, enjoy a pint or a piece of music, and not forgetting to thank the bartender ! He's the guy who makes the happy side of life. And so are you AtticRock. Thanks for sharing all this music all over the world,

Derek from Paris

AtticRock said...

Well, it's great to have people ccming here, it means they enjoy the same kind of music that I do and it's good to have company to appreciate live music... and for drinks too hehe!!

Anonymous said...

Yep, next big step for the internet will surely be to upload and/or download a beer to share with a friend. Who knows...