June 17, 2013

The Mannish Boys - Waterfront Blues Festival 2008

Another blues band new to Soundaboard brought by The Rippin' Frog, big thanks to our friend!

When it comes to the Mannish Boys, the music they make, coupled with their constant state of unique metamorphosis, they are truly in a treasured league all their own and you have no doubt knowing that you are really listening to something special and enduring when their tunes hit the player.
As one reviewer said, "less of a band and more of a royal jam session".
This gem was recorded in Portland Oregon  in 2008.

01. Guitar Instrumental (Kid Ramos)
02. Scractch My Back  (Randy Chortkoff)
03. Not Your Clown (Lynwood Slim)
04. Mannish Boy (Johnny Dyer)
05. Wrapped Up In Love Again (Johnny Dyer)
06. These Kind Of Blues (Bobby Jones)
07. Dead Letter Blues (Bobby Jones)
08. Mary Jane (Bobby Jones)
09. Mystery Train (Finis Tasby)
10. Border Town Blues (Finis Tasby)
11. As The Years Go Passing By (Finis Tasby)
12. Whole Lot Of Loving (Finis Tasby) 
13. Baby Please (Finis Tasby)



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Anonymous said...

Can you please repost this show? Thanks in advance.

AtticRock said...

It's ok now!