April 18, 2013

CBC Slide Guitar Summit feat. Sonny Landreth, Colin Linden and Steve Dawson

So, do you have the blues? We do! courtesy of The Rippin Frog!

CBC Slide Guitar Summit feat. Sonny Landreth, Colin Linden and Steve Dawson

In Concert at Studio 1 CBC Vancouver, Vancouver, January 31, 2013

An amazing evening with three Canadian masters of the slide guitar demonstrating different approaches to this overlooked instrument.
A blend of acoustic and electric selections makes this live recording a great inside look at the style !!!
Their cover of Congo Square is one of the best ever !!!!

Just Like I Treat You
From The Water
Whispering Pines
I Give Up
Butterfly Stunt
Loose Ends
Broken Future Blues
Next of Kindred Spirit
Promise Land
Z Rider
Congo Square
Sleep Walk



tut said...

how the heck do i download this..every link seems to lead to a dozen pop ups..oh and by the way sonny Landreth is not a Canadian.

Ernest said...

Thank you so much!

Anonymous said...

hmm tut i tried 4 links no pops here so not sure what the heck u doing !!
Gamefont or sharebeast seems to work just fine right now
Rippin Frog
oh and well u welcome anyway

Anonymous said...

I use Mipony for all them multi upload sites works like a charm here
gamefont sharebeast freakshare dont even have stup[id captcha to fill and can do 5 or so at one time
all you do is copyu the link usually paste itself in the pony,,,,,,,,,,, Then Im ready to ride !!!!!!!!!!!11 LOl

BFisch said...

Agreed, Sonny Landreth is not Canadian. He is from Lafayette, Louisiana.

rintesh said...

Thanks for sharing this gem. This is simply mind-blowing!

Anonymous said...

all the links appear dead. you can listen to this

Anonymous said...

This show is awesome, any chance you can reup the links?

seezee said...

Would love to have this but none of the links r any good.

Rippin Frog said...

Ill reup this in the next couple days