March 18, 2013

Sven Zetterberg & Chicago Express

We always welcome more blues on Soundaboard, here we have another one to thank the rippin frog for sharing with us.

Sven Zetterberg & Chicago Express.

Sven Zetterberg g,vo
Janne Sjöström hca,vo
Little Hank Jansson g
Bertil Petterson b
Stefan Sundlöf dr
Janne Paltman p/kbr

Chicago Blues Express were considered to be the best blues band in
Sweden. They played everything from lowdown Mississippi blues through
up-tempo Chicago to straight sixties soul.
They recorded four albums, The blue soulution, Watch your step,
Definitively blue and Steppin out - alive, all on Amigo Records. Sven
Zetterberg is one of the few white soul blues singers who moves the
audience with just singing. He is supposed to have caused almost an
upheaval at Eli's Mile High Club when he performed a fifteen minute
version of My nerve s gone bad! .. In the  fall of 1996 the band stopped playing together. 
But they will continue playing them blues in some way or another.

I am not sure of exact dates of this awesome soundboard recording of
the Swedish Kings of the Blues ... Timeless  piece here
Home Made cover is NOT included in the zip file folks !!   enjoy!!
Rippin Frog !!


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