March 15, 2013

Free - Talking Of Heartbreaker (1972)

Here we have it, Free, on a date of the Heartbreaker tour album.
It's an unofficial release recorded live at The Coatham Bowl, Coatham in England supposedly on October, 12 1972 but i'm not certain.

Sound Quality: 9

Source: Soundboard

Track List:
01 - I'm On The Run
02 - Heartbreaker
03 - Soldier Boy
04 - Come Together In The Morning
05 - Everyday I Have The Blues
06 - Child
07 - Wishing Well
08 - Seven Angels
09 - Fire And Water
10 - All Right Now


steve53 said...

This sounds like a tribute band to me. Vocalist sounds nothing like Paul Rodgers. However, thank you for all the great stuff you do post - much appreciated.

Anonymous said...

I think the vocalist on the first track may be Rabbit, certainly sounds like Paul Rodgers on the second track! Thanks for posting.

Gordon Skene said...

BTW - the pitch is way off and yes, it IS Rabbit on the opening track, who appears to be rather loaded and why he only did one song. The band weren't happy during this time.

GarColga said...

Guitarist is Wendell Richardson from Osibisa.